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  1. I haven't resorted to any type of force yet, including a pully puller. Wasn't sure exactly how it was attached or if the set screw was the only mechanical connection. It's been marinating in WD 40 for a couple of days now so hopefully that is making a difference. As to why remove it? Some of the blades are bent/twisted and I think it would be easier to correct them if I could get the fan off the shaft.
  2. Hi all, I'm a newbie and just got my first solid fuel forge and hand crank blower. It's a champion (don't know the model) and the blower is in need of some TLC. It's coming along nicely however the fan has a lot of play and hits the housing to the point where it won't spin in one direction. Once the housing is removed, things seem to move fine. Gears look to be in good shape and the fan doesn't seem to have any damage. The challenge at this point is, I can't seem to get the fan off the shaft or to reduce the play to keep in from hitting the fan housing. I've loosened/removed the set screw on the fan but it doesn't seem to want to come free and tightening it does not make any difference. Wondering if anyone is familiar with this model and how I might go about correcting the issue.
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