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    fixing anything and everything electro-mechanical, 3D printing, metal fabrication, wood fabrication. Hanging out with my daughter and hopefully soon Forging!

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  1. I honestly mostly frustrated about not knowing what I needed to do to get a good heat in the metal. after reading everything I believe i have deduced what my problem is. the amount of fuel I have on the first is not enough. best heat i every got was in the whole i had dug. which I had a lot of wood on. my daughter picked up the hammer! cold steel but safer that way!
  2. thanks everyone. been at it awhile now. forge fell off the wood I had it on.. but that has not slowed me down. I have tried many different things to try and get a good pit going, but think I have exhausted all of them. so guess I will go back to my whole in the ground. the fuel I was using is a horrible fuel... pine lumber is the worst. lol barley gets it red, but I have gotten some stuff done
  3. It worked GREAT! Till I broke it..... Still works just snapped one of the blades off and it is a 7 blade fan so I can't even snap the opposite one off to balance it.... Vibrates A LOT. I did take video of me heating the metal, pulling it out and hammering on it. little worried about posting it though. It is LONG and I would have to probably have to edit the crap out of it to make sure I didn't say anything bade... Don't believe I did because My daughter was in the backyard, but not really sure. Big thanks Frosty! Your post Helped A LOT. I started the fire and let it burn for awhile till I had a nice pile of embers at the bottom. Then I added the fan and the steal!
  4. I have a 45 cfm 12vdc fan. think that might he enough air. easy to put a potentiometer on to control speed of the fan.
  5. got bored again today. moved the anvil and built a WOID forge. lol Whole In Dirt. anyway think I used to big a piece of pipe for a tuyere as well as to big a vacuum... did I mention I used old lumber as fuel.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but I did manage to get the metal glowing red 3 times and beat on it a little. Results of round two with a horribly and uneducated built forge... also used a much smaller hammer.
  6. I may need to get my thumb looked at as well before I try and forge anymore. Daughter slammed it in her bedroom door. She did not want me to get in...
  7. MC Hammer. No I haven't. I have been looking at the JABOD threads. Think I am going to make one of those. Maybe to day if the weather holds. I want to try and fuse an old fan from a computer heat sink. Not sure if I can design and print a good adapter for it yet though. Or if it pushes enough CFM to create a hot enough flame. I have a 3D printer. Use one at work too. I am a very weird electrician... Matter of fact yesterday at work I wasn't an electrician at all.... I was a plumber for most of the day but had to make a bracket to hold a water mixing valve. So for about an hour I was a Metal Fabricator.... LOL Had to move the red and yellow signs. Original locations denoted by corresponding colored dots. Installed the orange. Which included tapping into Hot and Cold water lines. Running lines to the wall and down into it. Installing a piece of wood to mount everything to as it is a metal studded wall. Also painted the wood to protect it from mold and rot. Installing hot and cold water valves, making a bracket to install the temperature adjusting mixing valve, drilling a whole through the wall for the drain line and installing that as well... Oh and lets not forget the I wash station sign. Took me all day, but that included going to Home Depot to get all the materials I was going to need.... I don't think 45 CFM is enough air flow.... As my research has mostly shown Hair Dryers and Vacuum Cleaners as blowers used.
  8. no worries. everyone likes a good story. and that was a good one.
  9. Thanks Frosty. I read the "read this first" post.... That might be helpful right. I had looked at it before but did not read the whole thing. Must have gotten squirreled by my daughter... Also will read the posts in that post... "Do your research"...... I am failing...
  10. Irondragon Thank you very much for the explanation and the link Thomas Powers Scooter is essentially my name. It is what everyone calls me. Even my wife. However my real name is James Moore. DHarris Thank you for the tip! So sorry that happened to him!
  11. Thomas. I am sorry. thanks for the tip. how did I miss use your quote? definitely want to make sure I dont do that again.
  12. Thanks Tom. that is probably what I will start with as it is the easiest for me to obtain.
  13. Coal. Propane is Expensive and CNG needs to many parts. Besides I figure if I am going to learn I should learn to do it the traditional way
  14. so I got anxious and used my torch to heat up a piece of 3/4 rebar. think I did three cycles of heating and hammering. used a 4lb sledge and just to see what a ball pen hammer would do I hit it with that too. think I should have skipped that part. anyway this is what I ended up with.
  15. awesome Idea. Now if I just had any idea what that was like... did some forging yesterday, kind of. took a piece of 1/2 reber, heated it up with a oxy-acetelyn torch and hit it with a 2"x2" piece of angle iron. does that count? I have heard of Holmdell. New Mexico! that is quite a move!
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