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  1. A very good point. Just a hole straight through the bottom 3/4" or so?
  2. Attached are some PDFs of the working plan so far. the current plan for insulation is around the walls 3 1' rigidised blankets of ceramic fiber, followed by a 1/2 layer of castible refractory, (Satanite 55 is what i have available, 3200F rated) and a kilm wash. 1/2" castable on the surface that mates with the lid, and as for the floor I am unsure of what to use but I would like to do about 4" of material and finish with castable, at this stage This leave me with a 5 25/32" diameter chamber, also 5 25/32 deep as I read here a relatively equal height to width is generally adv
  3. I'm hoping to be able to use approx 6*5" cup style carbon bonded sillica carbide, graphite (marketed as 6kg) classic cup shape, not totally ideal but Evan if it is on a disposable basis. (But encourage suggestions) Also I am absolutely prioritising effectiveness over capacity, for what ever difference that makes. Also availability over here will be an issue especially for a relaible product, so any recommendations are also welcome
  4. So the TL:DR version, has anyone had any experience making crucible steel with propane burners I've been toying with the idea of building a foundry, and i have had a pretty niffty oppotunity come up. My workplace where I am an apprentice fitter and turner for a high end fabrication company, they have some 335mm (~13") (australian, sorry) with 10mm (13/32) wall thickness, which to me is already starting to look like a foundry to me. I also am able to use all the tools materials and resources my shop has available, which is alot, so I should be able to make as great a foundry as possi
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