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  1. Would i be able to heat it up, bend it, then temper to get it back to a springy state?
  2. If i were to anneal some spring steel would it still be springy afterwards?
  3. Slag. Yes! Thomas had showed me something like that earlier. Thanks, L.D.
  4. yeah, as im progressing with this build im starting to realize that its not going to work out as well as i had initially hoped. The steel i used is pretty soft and maleable. Except the blade, its an old table saw blade (pretty hard stuff)
  5. Well... Looks like most of them have something like this, with the heads countersunk. Why i didnt think of countersinking them, remains an enigma.
  6. I've got another question. So the long piece there is going to go between both sides of the handle and stop the blade from folding back to far (the peice will be flatter/thinner when it's finished) and im wondering what the best way to get it to stay there beside welding it. My ideas are: thread some holes all the way through and screw in some all-thread; rivet it (but the piece is pretty narrow so i dont know how well that would work); or drill some holes and force some nails through while the handle is hot... Thomas, Ohh nice!
  7. Big foot, I have a 1" belt sander, But how do you get the belt inside the hole though?
  8. Yeah! A die filer sure would be nice to have.Maybe my next addition to the shop....
  9. Well ive finally finished cutting out both halves, i drilled some 3/8 tried using a jig saw, but it didnt work as well as a saber saw probably would have. (Thanks anyways though, Frosty!) So i instead cut as much out with a hacksaw as i could, then cleaned it up with a file, and some sandpaper. My hands are cramped up, but its done!
  10. Yeah? I may just try that out...
  11. Heres my progress so far. Didnt turn out to good, but maybe the second half of the handle will be better. Criticism is expected an welcome.
  12. Yeah, ok ill try that. I do have a bandsaw, but it is in need of repairs at the moment. I had never thought of cutting the blade and welding it back together. Bright idea!
  13. You mean a hole hat touches all sides of the triangle?
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