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  1. Found your forum/discussion while researching drill presses. Seems that nearly every new drill press, that I can afford, is made for woodworking :-( Found ways to gear down my 8 inch press so it can handle bigger holes, then had a brain fart.....;-) I HAVE a slow drill press! It was my great grandfathers. I am on the fence as to if I should modernize it and use it, make new twist drills, or fashion a Jacobs to fit. Then lengthen the column to make up for the lost space from two chucks. I have about a dozen twist drills for it. Many would cringe at the thought of altering an antique like this, so perhaps I should sell it to a collector, and use the cash to get an electric lol It is a "Blower and Forge Co #612 Kitchener Ont" It has auto feed and a flywheel and no rust I can see. Could use a degreasing in fact. I have kept it oiled too. It needs some tightening up, and one repair. The tables column clamp is cracked. It must be repaired to use the press properly. Can't have the table flexing/moving. I used it a week ago, just for fun, with a bit that needed sharpening, and it drilled through 1/4 inch steel with at least a half inch bit, no problems...other than the table moving. If I keep it, I thought I would put the table on my wood stove to get it hot, then braze it. I know, the brass will show :-( Again thinking of function, not as an antique. A collector really should have this, as to me it is a tool, and I modify tools. Example: I have a bunch of Homelite XL-12 chainsaws restored, and a bunch more parts. Collectors don't like to hear this, but I use them for my firewood. Been using them for 20 years ;-) while people working along side me have burnt out several of their new aluminium and plastic saws LMAO They are loud too. One XL-12 can drown out at least 3 newer saws. You MUST wear ear plugs. They are loud enough to make your ears cry- literally...and I used the word literally correctly there. Pet peeve...seems like 99% of humanity now does not know what "literally" means :-( Anyway I live in Nova Scotia, so probably too far for you fellows to talk me into selling it???
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