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  1. Hello everyone, Though I still consider myself a novice when it concerns blacksmithing and bladesmithing, I have dabbled quite a bit in the craft. I have built and used two forges and forge burners in the past two years. Each getting increasingly more ambitious as my intrigue increased. However, this year I decided to take the plunge and purchase a professionally built, double burner propane forge. I really like the design of the forge, but it is the burners that are causing me an issue. I have meticulously tested my set up and retried my forge with one of my older burners. It worked decently, but the double burner failed to burn outside the pipe or produce a torrential flame. It is currently burning inside of the pipe and heating it up. I asked the seller for help and he sent me a new one. However, the new burner failed just like the previous one. Is their something that I'm missing or doing wrong? In my search, I have discovered that the propane outlets, holes drilled in to the pipe, were either off center or had a slight tilt. Could this be causing the issue? Using an air compressor, I didn't feel any obstructions to the air flow. Is their a way to fix this issue? If so please help.