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  1. I am actually looking for a bigger anvil than 170 cause theres a lot of agricultural machinery scrap lying around in my area that I can reforge, some of it is big and needs to be hammered on pretty hard. I dont think anvils are so common here, good new ones are extremely expensive, for example a German drop forged Ridgid Peddinghause 75kg (165lb) will cost you around $3500, that is about 2 times the cost in the US from my researches.
  2. I remember those times when zippos were considered valuable in Israel back in the 80's early 90's
  3. Hi, I have currently a 100lb anvil and looking also for a bigger one, I've got an offer on this used John brooks 170lb (77kg) anvil for 575$, would you say its worth it? or otherwise how much do you think thats worth?
  4. Don't worry I help him out too
  5. everything is possible, I will ask my friend for more information
  6. Israel pre 1948 was governed by Great Britain, there were no American facilities as far as I know, my guess is that either someone brought it with him from America or it was purchased from a navy sailor from one of the ships that use to pass through our harbours at one time.
  7. Haha, my friend is from Haifa region actually, maybe he got it from a navy sailor passing by. And thanks for the date rustyanchor appreciate it, 1941-1943 WWII time anvil, that maybe explains the rough welding on the waists, I read somewhere that in war time they did not waste too much time on the finish
  8. Thanks Irondragon, was not aware of it just updated my location. I got this anvil as a present from a friend today he did not say where he got it from.
  9. Hi, I got this 100lb Trenton anvil today, cleaned it up it looks in a pretty nice condition. Can anyone help me trace the date when this anvil was made ? s/n 206961
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