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  1. well it took some time but i made this in paint to explain how it is build.
  2. It was build here in Denmark. the seller told me it was two brothers and after on spend some time I the US he saw some airhammers and then went back and they started making them. There is two sizes, this I the big one and the take is 50kgish and it hits super hard. I don't know how old it is but I can't find any info on the company, all bolts are in inches so it has to be old;) I I don't owne the book where can it be found? I have been working a lot lately and there is a lot to read up on this thread already. But I will try to take a foto tomorrow an draw a flow chart on it:)
  3. The valv makes the hammer idle.. without it the ram just stayed down. But if I close it and air can't get back then it is the same thing as when I run the hammer full power. The new valv works better but I still hope to get the ram to idle higher up and give some more work hight. And some times won't the ram wont go back to idle after a heat and just start clapping the dies... I haven't Ben able to find any info on the hammer or the company I think made it. So I need to invent the valv from scratch:)
  4. I made this it works a little better... just some leather and a shim as a spring. There is not a lot of info online about this kind of problems so hope this will be to some help for others:) 20191013_145106.mp4
  5. Hey after trying the power hammer pages on Facebook with no luck. I hope someone here got an idea. So I got this self-contained hammer its old and a Danish designed. But the idle valv is missing. I have tried making one but it is not doing a great job. So I need an idea for how to design a new one or improving the one I got. I have attached some pictures and film clip of the hammer and hope someone out there got an idea Mads 20190929_112842.mp4
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