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  1. Thanks Flatliner. Biggundoctor, on hard facing rod...you are right, I have seen people do that but I haven't yet spent the time to research how to do it myself or see if I would get a huge benefit from it. With regards to hardening... I bought it from a Blacksmith near me that told me it was hardened (i bought it at scrap steel prices and thought it could have been anything). It looked like an enormous die of some sort from a press. 40 inches long, 160lbs, couple of huge bolt holes and a hexagonal profile on the top. When I ground it down it felt just like a massive piece of mild steel to me. Guess it is time to research how I would test and harden it or how I would work with facing rod. Thanks for the input on the improvements.
  2. Thanks Marc1! Nah, I wouldn't wish an Australian accent on anyone I'm looking forward to seeing what gets forged on it too. Gotta get the forge build rolling first.
  3. Thanks mate. Appreciate it. That was easier than umming and ahhing about whether to post it.
  4. Haha, i'll DM you a link. But I warned you it was bad.
  5. Thanks mate. Its got a pretty dull thud, had to try it, so yeah it has a couple of dings in the top now, i'll learn. When its really banged up some more ill get the grinder out again the neighbours love it. I did make a video while i was building it but im pretty sure i cant post links here. If anyone wants to hear a rough accent while watching bad cinematography and someone who doesnt know what theyre doing let me know and ill pm you a link.
  6. Thank you very much. I really hope its functional since i have no idea what im doing and havn't hit it yet. Appreciate your kind words mate.
  7. Gday guys, new around here and hoping to be doing some forging soon. Thought I'd share some pics of the "anvil" i built. I was going for the Brian Brazeal style die anvil in scrap mild steel. The steel is 160lbs, it is welded to a 20lb plate, bolted to about 10 feet of 4x4 doug fir and surrounded by 4 slabs of about 1.5 inch pine, 2.5 inch angle iron and about 60lbs of sand. In total it comes in somewhere around 300lbs.
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