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  1. this thread has taken an odd turn. . . lol
  2. Another day. another failure. I really don't know what to do here. I turned the forge all the way up, let the link soak in that heat for a LONG time. Never saw sparks but i watch the flux boil off, the surface seem to move a bit. Take it out, less than a step to the anvil and when i tap them it is like the just slide off each other, no stickiness at all. i have included a pic of the piece of metal because. . . i don't know. . .because. Maybe this forge just can't quite do it. Note pic is after a very vigorous wire brushing. . .
  3. Thank you for your responses. I had to take a day. . . . I am pretty hard on myself. I am back at it today and will move forward with the tips both of you have given me. thanks again!
  4. Greetings friends! I am new to this and working hard to try and acquire some basic skills. I try and go out to the garage and do something every day, but this last week has been an exercise is frustration. Let me cut to the chase: I am trying to make forge welded chain links and i just can't seem to get the weld to stick. Relevant info: Hell's forge 2 burner Propane forge 3/8" Mild Steel "Weld Steel" from Lowe's Iron mountain flux Heating to bright yellow w/white edging process: shape the link, scarf, heat again, flux, heat to bright yellow, fast light taps, flux, heat to bright yellow, taps refine weld, heat to bright yellow, further refine, go to flatten out the link a bit, watch "forge weld" come apart, feel bile rising up inside, stifle cursing, repeat until i go look online for help (what i found on here seems to match what i'm doing). Am i missing something? I feel like i am close to burning the metal, it is getting that rough texture that wont wire brush off. Please give me something else to try. for the record i usually make a hook or some small project i find online that does not involve welding before i try a new link so that i get some work in other areas, but man i just want to get this.