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  1. Done! Great read! Thanks! Yes i put down whereabout my hat hanger is. Yeah I found it to be a "must have" when I saw it on an auction in my hoods. It net me about 350 us, dirt cheap. Anyone got a speculation on the age? I can take better pictures tomorrow too.
  2. Hi all! A swede here with a strange lump of metal. I think its english and the only words i can read is "BRANDED" 3 2 7 on one side and 7. 3 on the other. Could be 327pounds for 148kg seems fair. As me and a buddy could hardly lift it into his car, might weigh more but who knows, no scales of mine goes higher then 150 kg. Looks like it was made to make horseshoes. Rebound 60-70% on an uncleaned surface. It does ring nicely and to my unttained eye its been used 2 Times since the black paint Finnish is still on the face. Second to last image is the side facing the wall with 3 2 7 stamped on it. Any thoughts on what it is? Thanks! /Christopher