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  1. I thought of that as an option but was worried about the fumes compared to phoscopper.
  2. I use a floating graphite powder during the melt and then phoscopper to Degas it. A lot of it comes down to proper air/ fuel mix. Copper should be melted under reducing conditions due to it absorbing hydrogen and other elements easily. Here is one of my ingots:
  3. Yes I am making ingots for resell but refining them as well. I don't sell them to scrappers at all, currently averaging about $10 a pound right now. I was going to use the Granulator to keep space down but making I like the idea of smashing it down too. Only melt down select scrap wire and pipe.
  4. Hello all! My first post here so bare with me. I hope this is the correct area for this post. I am currently melting down copper scrap into solid 5 pound copper ingots. Everything is going well and really I am just fine tuning the forge and switching over to a forced all burner right now. What I am REALLY after is making a wire granulator, it basically just chops up wire into rice sized pieces. If I wanted to buy one it would be several thousands and would much rather make one of my own. Could anyone help with some plans? I have made several attempts at it but isn't that easy I have found out.
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