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  1. Ty! I'm totally lost!! I just posted to the first thing I thought would help. I'm out of my league with this subject. He picked up teaching himself from YouTube and making use of old equipment he had from our great grandpa! It has been an outlet since we lost our Daddy, August will be 4 years ago. He really needs someone that can help him learn how to make equipment fairly inexpensively because he needs a new forge and the options are overwhelming and numerous! I appreciate the help!!! Thank y'all for not killing me considering I have no knowledge beyond what I have read! And I'm no help because I lack common sense meaning. ... I could write the tech manual to build a car but couldn't drive one!!
  2. We live in the Molino, Florida. Anywhere within 100-200 mile radius of the Pensacola, Florida.
  3. Okay so please some help me.....I feel weird and creepy but it's worth it. If anyone is willing to teach my younger brother he's 37 what you know or just let him have someone to talk to I would appreciate it SO MUCH!!! I talk too much so....I will keep it short and sweet. If you have any questions I don't mind answering any questions. I just feel like the older nosy sister who has posted some ad on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for her brother. So please don't make me regret this....