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  1. Thank you very much for your thorough explanation Dan. Coincidental timing that J built one using TIG rod - I plan to do the same soon but using ER70S-2 rather than aluminum. Just need to determine the dimensions, and first finalize what I want to use as the shell for my forge. Edit: Also curious to See J's setup running in a forge. if 90 works well, that saves me 30 holes plus allows for additional spacing.
  2. Dan, I've been re-reading this thread to find some more exact dimensions on your setup in hopes of recreating them using my 3/4 Frosty T burner. I actually found some dimensions in a different thread. My apologies if you already detailed these but again, I did my best to search (including going post by post). In one thread, you provided dimensions for your plenum as 2.5" x 8". Is 2.5" both the width and height? You just previously posted that your holes are 1/8 (.125) and about .1675 (say 3/16) apart (good timing, thank you). Do your holes begin about 1/2" from the edge of the plenum (so a 1/2" border of no holes)? How thick is your refractory burner head? (I know there is discussion of going thinner) How deep did you submerge your plenum into the refractory mold?