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  1. Sorry for the late response forgot to turn notifications on, the blade was forged. I don't really like the idea of stock removal (No offense to those who do) personally because to me it feels kinda lazy, as well I like the idea of when Forging you're giving life and spirit and essence to the steel.
  2. Hi, Sorry if there's already a topic on this (and if I posted in the wrong section) I searched using the google "" function. I'm making a Bowie Knife and I'm going to use Ram's Horn as my handle material. I've heard Ram's Horn is brittle and I only have 6 Scales or 3 Pairs and was wondering what's the best way to drill pin holes without cracking or breaking it. Thanks in Advance.
  3. So currently I've been using my protective eyewear that I got for my guns when I'm forging however, they fog up really easily. I was hoping that I could get some recommendations for good protective eyewear for blacksmithing and forging in general. Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys! My name is Tristin I'm a 20 year old apprentice bladesmith living in La Center, Washington. I have already made my first blade and my Teacher believes I have a real talent for this. I hope to learn a lot here!