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  1. Hi! I'm new here and i thought I'd share my anvils with you. I've been chatting with Frosty some but thought I'd make my appearance here as well. I live in Sweden and for some reason it's hard to come by anvils, I know there's loads of them in old barns and such but getting to know which old barn that sprouts anvils is not an easy task. That said I've finally got me a bigger anvil, I've been spoiled with my 36kg (80lbs) Soderfors that i got for a ridiculously low price, I won't brag about how cheap it was but i thought I'd show some pictures of it as well as some pictures of my new acquisition, a Soderfors 105kg (230lbs) that has some chipped edges and such but when talking to Frosty it seems I've just been spoiled and that it's a really good anvil, this one i got for 5000kr (about 530 USD) and i was worried I'd been ripped but it seems that is not the case, it has excellent rebound and a good ring to it, so good that I will have to dampen it by securing it to a good stump firmly. Anyhow, enough babbling, here are the pictures
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