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  1. Installation: Firstly I had two main problems. I am renting my workshop and have a month by month lease so do not want the installation to cost much or take long. So compromise, compromise compromise. Also I have a thin workshop. The anvil at 45 degrees helped here luckily. So out with the spade.... Three trailer loads later
  2. I have recently gotten hold of this 2cw Massey air hammer. It is originally from the NZ railway workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand and has had a busy and full life. Christchurch Blacksmith Noel Gregg bought it from the closing railway workshop in about 1985 and used it until about 2015. He was my landlord and mentor as a beginning blacksmith knifemaker 25 years ago. I was only allowed to use it once or twice during the 10 years I worked beside him. While it had not been used for 4 or 5 years, it had been stored well and no work was required on the cylinders.
  3. Congratulations on getting it finished. Great job! I finished my "economical" install and have been using the Massey for a few weeks. Only about 2 cubic meters of concrete with 150mm of end grain timber under the anvil. Apparently the ground shakes but you certainly don't notice that as the operator. I have been using it for making pattern welded steel and only need one heat for every fold. The force keeps the billet up almost at welding temperature for the weld and drawing out. Very productive but because of the efficiency it doesn't get as much use as my Anderson used to.
  4. Hi Beaver. What a great install and thread. I am about to start the same process with and older version (I think) of that hammer. Same anvil system but direct exposed gear drive from the motor. Unfortunately I am renting space and my landlord has been talking of selling so I am going to try to do an - ahem- economical install. I would love to have a look at yours sometime if that's alright. I am in Omakau in Central Otago.