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  1. Leave it to iforgeiron to be full of a bunch of crusty know it alls. Been doing this professionally for 10 years and I have plenty of local contacts. Just running into a tricky problem I haven't heard of before and thought to ask the broader community. Oh well, I'll ask elsewhere, not much positive feedback on this site anywaUys. learn how to act like an adult or you will be asked to leave IFI
  2. Hey, anyone else run into a problem where they had to get a special permit or inspection just to run a propane forge in a building that you rent?
  3. Yea must be that tv show that shall not be named. I'm not collecting stuff, I'm trying to run a shop and not be broke.
  4. If the price is right then it can be cheaper then getting something made locally, even with the shipping. Thats why I bought a hammer in Germany instead of the one 20 miles from. With shipping it's still half the price!
  5. Cool, got it, but honestly if there were good dies at the right price it wouldn't matter where they came from though.
  6. I've got a machinist, just trying to possibly find a set before paying to get custom ones made.
  7. Hi all, I just picked up a 150kg Beché and it only came with one set of dies. I've been looking for a source for a new or used set. Anyone know of anything or where I could better start my search? Thanks!