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  1. I went ahead and wrapped it all in tape and painted it. I’ll post some pics to show you how it turned out. I really appreciate you taking all the time to help me.
  2. I can not access it. I can do my best to paint around it, but it would be so much easier if I could remove the screw. is there a “replacement” or after market piece that I could use if I end up removing it? Ill probably just tape everything the best I can and paint around it.
  3. I was wondering is someone might be able to help me with this Samson 5207 vise I’m restoring. i took it all apart expect the Screw Because I cant figure out how to remove it without damaging it. Woukd anyone be able to tell me why this part is called and how to get it off without damaging it? If there is no way of not damaging it can I replace it?
  4. Lkay so first thanks for the advice up front. I’m building a vertical forge for smelting. its made out of Schedule 40 1/4” pipe that’s 12” ID. So, my question is about the insulation. im going to do a 2600f ceramic wool and kastolite 30. Do i need to put a rigidizer on the wool? If I did would their be a Benefit? thanks