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  1. Thanks. I’m just getting into blacksmithing. Might be a good thing to start out on. I will do my research before I try anything. I really appreciate the info
  2. I added it. In Kentucky its Christmas Eve.. no it won’t hurt to take the handle off it’s just leather wrapped. How can I tell what steel it is for sure? Thanks for the help
  3. Was using a flat file to start off cause there wasn’t much of an edge to start with. The file would bite in fine on the tip and back of the blade. But the middle of the blade was very hard and brittle feeling. The file would glide over it like ice. Just saw some reviews on this blade and a few brake in the middle. That’s what worries me. Not sure what you mean by sticky.
  4. I got a new blade for Christmas (Hibben IV). Made of 1090. Was going to sharpen it but the middle of the blade is to hard. I think it has a bad heat treat. Can I reheat treat a blade or will this just make it worse. If I can. What should i do. Thanks