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    Portland, Oregon
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    just breaking into smithing and fabrication as a hobby, i also make Mead and trying to play the banjo.
  1. cool, thank you for the feedback.
  2. Hello and thank you every body for putting up with me. Well I did it. It’s a frankenForge but I didn’t rush the build. The shell is an old stainless brewers pot that I cut down to size. First a layer of 1” ceramic wool, rigidized and coated with KOL-30 and left to cure before another layer of 1” wool rigidized followed by the last layer of KOL-30. The kastolite is pretty thin maybe 1/4” a bit thicker around the ports and the floor. But I used less then 10 pounds of KOL30. i used Metrikote over the kastolite and I put it on kinda thick. if I did the math right
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