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  1. Indeed. thank you for the link Frosty. I'm glad to know now what sort of device I need. Seems you and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I have the appropriate power in my shop, but, I need to save up for the unit itself. Don't know prices from the reference you provided, but, I'm still pretty sure I need to conjure some funds. Thx.
  2. Sorry. I'm in New Mexico USA. Los Alamos (called, lost almost, by some). Where the atomic bomb that ended the war was built.
  3. What do i need to buy!? I'm not electronics savvy, and I don't know, what's going to do the job. I've been bladesmithing for a little while now. Good friend of mine suggested an induction coil. I really like the idea, but, I have no idea what to buy. I have drawn a blank with my research. Low voltage, 240 volts, $1500, or $50. What do I buy? Water cooled stuff? Like a tig welder? No thank you. But i would like to stop burning propane. I really loathe the idea of joining a forum, but I cannot find, the information I need elsewhere. Would appreciate some pointers. Thx
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