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  1. IFI is great you guys are awesome firstly. Second frosty i have a respirator and thanks for the shower advice didnt think if that i have 4 kids so ill propably just grab a $5 tyvek suit and toss after im done then shower for good measure but last question for the rigidizer do i need to apply heat to it in between layers or just once after the two have been applied
  2. I found some fumed silica on amazon for $20 just confused on how I apply it to the blanket do i mix with water and apply or do i mix it with resin?
  3. I found grainger near me sells 2" thick blanket would one layer of this suffice? And as for a ridgidizer any suggestions on types and where to look for it
  4. Its my first time posting so I wasnt sure how to navigate the page too well but yea propane is the way i'd like to go and Im wondering if I can just get away with putting the castable or would I need both. Also any tips on how to make sure the blanket doesnt droop or sag from the top of the tank? Thanks
  5. So I've done some forging with charcoal and a blower in a cylinder it was fun but difficult to get to a good forge temp so not as fun as I'd like. Now I plan to make my first forge and have done research but the internet can be a double edge sword and there is such thing as TMI. At this point Im ready to just buy one of those small forges on ebay to just get started. My main concern is sealing the ceramic blanket. Some information I got says you need to apply rigidizer then refractory to keep the fibers from breaking off and to improve the life of your forge some say just rigidizer is enough.
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