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  1. Not sure about the other heavy metal object, probably a car part of some sort, the field around it was littered with broken down cars.
  2. Great advice all around. Thanks guys. I guess my impression of the thing might have been influenced by the setting. The pile of trash under my feet was giving way when I was trying to take the pictures and I'd been warned not to press against the outside wall of the shed in case the roof wanted to cave in. As for length and weight, best guess about 2 feet with the horn by 4 inches across the face. It was way heavier than I expected. I thought I could just pick it up and turn it around but that wasn't gonna happen without risking a foot (it was balanced on the edge of a milk wagon). I also didn't realize until now that the first picture has a can of rustoleum in back . I'll keep you posted.
  3. Rookie here, looking to scrape together a small shop piece by piece. I've been looking for anvils in WI and have been put off by the prices. Today, I found one in a broken down shed. I took some bad pictures with my phone. There's an upside down triangle on one side so I assume it's Columbian. It's really really rusty and has a chip out of the bottom corner of the heel. First off, can this be saved? It hasn't been used in decades. It has nice ring and rebound when hit with a wrench (that's all I had on hand). Any idea what I should offer for it? What would be a can't lose price? Does anyone have experience restoring something this bad? Of course, I realize opinions are only that. I don't expect a firm answer and will make the decision on my own. Thanks.
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