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  1. If you want a custom hammer but Ken doesn't have it check out Jackpine Forge. He is out of Northern Minnesota and I know he makes hammers for Ken. I got a rounding hammer from him when I was starting out and love it. When I took my intro to Blacksmith class I lost the head off my handle so I used the instructors rounding hammer from Jackpine. I liked it so much I bought it and received it before the next class because I needed a new hammer being mine broke. I like the hammer and it seems really good quality.
  2. I'm planning on using coal from the local guild, they have a pile at the school of horseshoeing that I took my intro to Blacksmithing Class at. I looked at Ken's Custom for classes but they were filled up and I wanted to start learning right away. Maybe in the future I'll head up to a class up there.
  3. I've made some progress on my forge in the past couple of months, here's some pictures of the updated progress. I was able to drill a 2-1/2" Diameter hole in the bottom of my firepot as well as the piece of plate of my tuyere that will bolt to the bottom of the firepot. I also drilled and tapped 4 holes in the bottom of my firepot for the tuyere to be bolted up from the bottom. There's also a picture of my tuyere welded up, you will see there's a slot I ground in the tuyere mounting plate. I'm going to run a piece of 1/4" round through there for my clinker breaker handle. My clinker breaker will be one of the hole slugs that I drilled out and ground down for approximately 1/4" gap around the outside of the clinker breaker to the edge of the hole in the bottom of my firepot. I need to make brackets and fab the ash dump at the bottom of the tuyere next time I work on it.
  4. I got it all apart today and got all the old grease cleaned out. I think it was worked on before because 2 screws for the gears cover were hex head. Also on 2 of the shafts it looks like they used shim stock to take out any slop. Overall it appears to be in good shape and should go back together good. I also noticed one of the fan blades was closer to another fan blade so I bent it back slightly too make the spacing even, it might've been bent enough towards the outside that that was the noise of the blade hitting the case.
  5. Well I bought it for $120,it's heavy and spins pretty well. One thing I noticed is the fan blade has play in it because it was hitting the inside of the blower case. I split the case last night and the fan blade shaft has some play where it goes through to the gearbox. I took the handle off as well and pulled the gear case cover. Both sides had a lot of old pretty dried up grease, I'm going to work on cleaning it up and see about getting it apart. I have a couple screws as well as the fan blade stuck on the shaft. I will be using pb blaster and giving it time to do it's thing to work it's way in. One thing I did notice is both on the fan blade where it mounts to the shaft as well as a part in the gearbox they are both missing a set screw to hold them in place. I'll take some pictures as I have more time to work on it.
  6. I was thinking 98 was the year it was made as in 1898. It looks like a larger size blower. Looking at pictures of Buffalo blowers on the internet the smaller blowers have a fixed length for the crank handle. Where as this one has an adjustable handle length.
  7. Thanks Irondragon I was planning to try and get him lower on the price. I didn't even realize it was missing the stand which is a good point. Does anyone know what model this blower is?
  8. Found a Buffalo Forge hand crank blower on Craigslist the guy says it spins. What do you think would be a fair price for it? He's asking $150 and I'm planning to meet him after work tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions for the clinker breaker. I was leaning towards one but that just solidified it. I was thinking along the same lines by cutting a round hole and then putting the handle right at the top of the tuyere. Just need to figure out what size to make the tuyere now. Also need to figure what type of material to make the clinker breaker out of and how big to make it.
  10. Plate is 1/2" thick while the top lip is 1/4" thick.
  11. Just started making my forge today, I'll be taking my time while building it. Today I made my fire pot which is 11.5" x 8.5" and 3" deep. I always like looking at others builds so I will try to update this as I build it. Need to keep my eye open for a hand crank blower, otherwise I'll be making everything else myself. Going to be using coal from the local guild that I took my beginner Blacksmith class at.
  12. I just went and measured it, it's 3/8" square
  13. Had my first beginning Blacksmith class today. I had a blast, we worked on tapering pieces, did cold riveting and learned how to twist metal. After doing some tapers I decided to turn a taper into something so I made my first hook. The top part of the hook is rough because we weren't using any tongs so I couldn't form it at all after the hot cut. Then when I went to make my twist piece I did the twist a little away from the end, that way I was able to put the twisted piece to use in the form of my forge rake. Had a blast already ready for next Saturday to be here!
  14. Thanks for the welcome guys, there's a ton of info to sift through here. Kevin Olson I sent you a message on your offer.
  15. I'm as green as they come. I've never done any work on a forge myself. The first time I really got interested in blacksmithing is when me and my wife went to Galena IL on a extended weekend. We went to the blacksmith shop there and watched the blacksmith make a decorative hook which we ended up buying once he was done. When I got home from vacation I searched for forums and found this one but never created an account. I finally made an account yesterday and talked with the wife that I want to take blacksmith classes. I have a business that I do forfun with making wood and metal furniture type of stuff and figured blacksmith would go right along with it. She encouraged me to take the classes so I contacted the local guild. They happen to have a class that starts in 2 weeks on Saturday's but they only have 1 spot open and they fill it by the date the check is post marked. I dropped the check in the mail today and have my fingers crossed that no one else dropped a check in the mail before me. If this class is full I don't know when the next class will beand if I'll be able to attend it. I want to try blacksmithing before I buy more own setup. So if there's any blacksmith on here in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities and would be willing to help teach me the beginner things I would more than willing give you some money for time and the materials to see if I like blacksmithing. That is if the class is already full.Thanks Mike