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  1. I am new to blacksmithing so am here to learn. With respect to coal vs coke vs wood for forging metals; I read elsewhere that the switch to coke for steel manufacturing was made because coke has fewer impurities which could get incorporated into and affect the metal. Is that true? Assuming it is true, I am guessing it only makes a big difference for industrial purposes such as producing special steels, surgical steel and so on. As you guys have said above, for centuries blacksmiths made quite usable metals from wood and coal burning forges. In the home forge application I imagine most people are not making their own steel from iron ore, though it is possible. If you're making a knife from an old worn out metal file, you really only need to heat it so you can work it. The steel is already made. So any fuel which can generate enough heat will work fine. The other consideration for people with neighbors close by would be smoke production. Coke might be a better choice for them since it produces much less smoke and sulfur. Or they could go with a gas forge.