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  1. Hi thanks for your swift reply ! How does one make sure the burner intakes do not recycle exhaust fumes? Fire bricks are refractory bricks I believe I see people using them for mini forges or knife forges. Of course , thanks for the reply! I'll take those words into consideration !
  2. Hi there, just got my Fire bricks and refractory cement, going to build my propane fueled forge it shall be a small enough one, big enough for knives and axe heads perhaps but mainly knives for now, I have no fear handling a torch or anything that is required to be done as a black smith/ knife smith, but I am scared of CO poisoning, so my main question is how can I make my forge as safe as possible? I will be using it outside in the open but should I still wear a mask and should I leave the back open? just a few bits like that I would love to have answered! thanks in advance guys. David. edit: also I have a carbon monoxide alarm.