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  1. Ive got it reasonably straight now. tempered the cutting edge on the forge. used a torch to temper the spine while cutting edge sat in water. So far so good. now im waiting for the right size copper pipe to show up at the dump for the ferrules. Using Coastal Yew wood for the handles.
  2. what a great quote!, that might explain my the issue im having. i have forged it fairly thin. it is the cutting edge that im having issues with. looking down it length wise, is does a little "S" curving. Thanks! my next step is handles. My previous drawknives, I made a wooden handle and then threaded the tang and fastened it all with a nut. Its not as smooth as id like though. I was thinking either having the tang poke through the end of the handle and then slipping a brass washer over it then peening it tight, or just epoxy the tang in a dead end hole in the handle. how have you folks done it?
  3. Alright location is in profile now. Should show where I am. Here's some pics finally. This is my 3rd draw knife. Just can't seem to get the cutting edge straight enough.
  4. What ... you guys dont cook on your forge? I live in Hazelton which is northern BC. So with tempering tongs, do you have a pair with heated metal the length of your drawknife ? or are you moving it back and forth?
  5. Hey everyone, first post here. just found this site and its incredible how much info is one here. Ive just finished making a drawknife ( ill post a pic soon) and ive hardened it and tempered it already but i have some questions about how i could do it better. It is made with a coil spring from a train. and my quenching solution is used motor oil, which i understand to not be the best. When hardening it i had a difficult time keeping it from curving or warping. it took me 3 attempts after it to get it to harden and maintain a (reasonably) straight edge. ( its still a bit wiggly) I then made a little torch using a block with a hole in it over my forge to temper the blade. This worked fairly well. Im wondering how other folks harden / temper their drawknives here without ovens? Thanks in advance!