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  1. As I take this thing apart I have such a higher appreciation for the older tools. Man this is built like a beast! Still looking for a ratchet arm. But going to get it restored then worry about that last.
  2. Thanks for the info. I was aware that some were two speed but wasn't sure on this one. I don't have any blacksmith skills but hopefully I can get in touch with someone that does or has the spare parts. -Dan
  3. So I picked up an Acme Post drill. From what I can find is they were sold by Sears. It is in decent shape and has had some repairs done well. The only thing left to so is replace the ratchet arm and claw. Here are some pics of the overall drill and the attempt by previous owner to make a new ratchet arm and claw. Does anyone know where I can find one? I wish I had an old one for someone with blacksmith skills to cast a new one. Any and all help is appreciated in advance!!! Also any other good information anyone can give me about it would be great too.
  4. Thanks. I am not sure I even identified it properly. PD20 are the markings on the casting.
  5. I'm thinking about purchasing a buffalo pd20 that is missing the crank arm and handle and advancement arm. The rest is complete. Is it easy to replace those parts or will it cost more than it is worth? Attached is a picture of it for you to see what I am working with. Thanks in advance!
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