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  1. Was over at a logging company in Oregon and saw this platen table. It's 8' x 6' if i remember correct, 4 separate pieces 4' x 3'. 9 inches thick. Yes 9 inches thick as far as i could tell. shined a light down the holes and it was 9 thick, felt the bottom from the side as far as i could reach. 9 inch... that makes for a 17k pound table. It might be for sale someday soon. There is a coal forge for sale made from a donkey engine for sale under the forge topic
  2. gaswizard, hoping your name has more to do with flame welding than flatulence. I bought the 150lb Howe in the other thread and was wondering if you have any info about the Seattle connection for rubber. Mine are shot. I've were been a couple places in Portland OR and they were not helpful at all. Have you found any other info on the Howes? Did you pour an isolation pad? Thats where I am. need to pour the pad and set it down.
  3. So i bought it and brought it home. heavy enough to make the 5k forklift barely steerable. Now to figure out power and learn enough to really use it. Thanks for the advice, when the opportunity arises sometimes you need to stretch your comfort zone. It'll be awhile before I get it running, got to find a south american river vendor, but I have gaswizard's post to reference. Thanks again for the info.
  4. Edit: just found the thread on the 200 lb Howe posted in April I offered $1000 and it was accepted but I know it’s worth more. What about the rubber? How would a guy replace that? Replace the motor with what a single phase 10 horse? That’s the biggest single phase I’ve seen. I’ve never run any machinery on a phase converter either. Wouldn’t it be doggy? Thanks for the info. I’ve done Onnamental iron on the side for 20 years and want to step up my game from crap like this and go from a cut out guy to smithing.
  5. I offered to buy but then back out becuase it's three phase. Any ideas what it is? It is 150 lbs and runs. Thats about all i know
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