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  1. Binesman, is there a better place on the pipe to add the holes for air flow (close the the burner end possibly?)? I actually went out today and changed the jet pipe to 1/8” and the hole to a #60. The flame seems to be considerably more consistent. Mikey, if this doesn’t work out, I think I’ll have to do that design. It looks like it can get more air flow than I’m getting that’s for sure! Haha. I’ll shoot a photo up in the morning to see if there’s been any improvement. Thanks for all the input! Hopefully I’ll have at least a functional forge eventually.
  2. What number bit is standard for this type of Burner? All of the pipe containing the propane is 3/8" and the larger is 1". Do you think I should just scale down to 1/4? And a smaller jet hole?
  3. 56B443B2-9ED5-409E-85F8-BC504AC57CD9.MOV
  4. I actually have read through almost that whole thread. It just seems like I have too many ideas in my head to even know where to start. I'll get some pictures of the set up and burner operation shortly! How would I go about getting a better air intake? Bigger vent holes on the side of the burner? The jet is just a 1.2mm hole drilled in a 3/8 pipe
  5. Hello all, This is both my first attempt at posting as well as forging. Please let me know if this is not the appropriate place to post this! My problem is heating the steel I have. My set up is a propane tank forge with the front cut off and a back vent. The open space inside may have a diameter of 6". The single burner is simply propane running to a perpendicular pipe with a small hole drilled. The flame I am getting may be 85-90% blue with the rest being yellow. I blocked off both the front and back entrances as best I could and was running it at about 15-20psi. The steel never receiv
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