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  1. Forge is ‘melting my face off hot’ I used timgunn’s 90 jet for the Amal injector and it OLs my probe rated at 1300degC (2372degF), ran it at 10-15 psi and it melted the ceramic fibre rated at 1430degC (2606degF). Welded a couple of stainless san mai billets today, chuffed! One pic is of the billet with a drop of ceramic on it and a blob of molten ceramic next to it, after shut-off.
  2. Great, thanks Frosty. The burner is working and I am on a high... Can anyone tell me what high temp thread sealant I should use close to the burner please (UK)? Grateful, Ig
  3. Frosty & tinkertim thanks, I might have missed some info in the beginning... I would be surprised TBH if it works at the first try anyway. I’ll have to drill out the diffuser if it doesn’t work, or worse re-cast, all part of the fun.
  4. Thanks, done. Making some progress with the build.
  5. That looks great. You guys here are an inspiration and such a rich source of info. Thanks @tinkertim and @timgunn1962 for all the time and kind advice. I am starting my burner build now after being a bit dissatisfied with the commercial venturi styled ones (not referring to the Amal, not tried that yet, about to incorporate it into a NARB). Ig
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