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  1. I was planning on setting it on its side, and using the 4 x 9-1/2" as my striking face. but thank you for letting me know about not needing hardened.
  2. Well I was not fast enough, I did however manage to find a nice chunk of 4140 tool steel, its 12-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 4". weighs in at 118lbs and I have access to a heat treat guy who can harden it. Ive been looking at Emerson anvils and found they use 4140 and heat treat to 48-50Rc, so I figure if I can get this chunk to that hardness I should have a anvil that will do exactly what I need it to do.
  3. I will update my profile now, but for sake of this post, Im in St. Louis MO. From my research I cannot find many anvils for sale in my area, there is a 215lb 23" long one for sale thats around $800 and thats it.
  4. Im new here (First post). I have been blacksmithing blades for about 4 months and my rail section is not cutting it for me anymore, I found a local guy selling a heybudden 120lb anvil for $475. I know Hay-Budden's are good but is that price too much? Mod note: Link to sales site removed.
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