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    Motocross, drag racing, circle track, wood working, pottery and blacksmithing, boating, fishing and guns
  1. My first mini sword out of bent rusty nail. I am a newbie with no forge or anvil. Tim
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Tim and I am a composite fabricator for the dept. of defense, Navy/ Marine tactical rotary and fixed wing aircraft. I have been a artisan for the Navy for 25 yrs and looking towards retirement which brings me to blacksmithing art. I have this thing for fire, call it pyromania/ burning stuff etc. I have a thing for pottery also it's the fire thing. I am currently working on a RR aso and a gas forge. I plan on making all or at least most of my tools, I plan on making my tongs, power hammer, pneumatic press and grinder/ sander. I guess I got the bug due to the FNF program and again it is the fire thing lol!!! Being in NC I have looked to find smiths and it seams that the most of them are in the piedmont and western part of the state, so I am stuck out here in the rusty Atlantic breeze, great views and climate, but wood rust in minuets here!!! This looks like a great site and I have just scratched the surface, I look forward to the advice and criticism for all of the members and maybe meeting a few along the way. Thanks, V/r Yim