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    Motocross, drag racing, circle track, wood working, pottery and blacksmithing, boating, fishing and guns

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I am 58 yrs old and  married 17 yrs to my wonderful wife Marie, 3 girls. retired surfer and scuba diver, motocross racer. Love the outdoors and nature. I don't spend as much time as I would like due to work. I am thinking about retirement and what  to do  when the time comes and I am sure that I don't want to work a part time job or repair any type machinery and I am thinking about blacksmithing/ pottery, going to shows and craft fairs, my wife is a nurse and she loves to sew and paint/ draw, she is way more talented artistically than I am, but this is something we have talked about. We would like to travel and meet other artist/ craft like folks and if we can sell any of our work that  would be a bonus!

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