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  1. Guys I have stripped all the old paint off my Peter Wright anvil and have found the right weight although the middle number is illegible 2 _ 20 , what was interesting was S S was stamped onto both sides on the bottom rail? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys i am looking to start selling my work next year and was wondering which shows to go to ? What sort of shows would the public be interested in Blacksmithing products? Craft Fayres? I am based in Manchester uk but don’t mind travelling to shows if I knew which ones to go to? thanks in advance john
  3. Just an up date guys , wirebrushed , straps on and stand finished jusy started stripping down a leg vice, John Brooke's but not sure what these marking are? thanks john
  4. Thanks mate , made a stand up for it and wire brushed the face up, did a bit on it today rings like a bell mate
  5. Thanks Glen appreciate ur comment, best fire up the forge and get hammering? Cheers John
  6. Thanks will do John Thanks will do I like the lives in look John
  7. Thanks Kev I think I will take ur advice mate, does it look like a Peter Wright to u?
  8. Hi All, for those of you involved in the earlier discussions re the anvil I bought of eBay, I have collected it today, the fella I bought it off actually worked with this anvil when he worked for British Steel, it took two of us to lift it into my car I would guess it's 25 stone + I took the paint off the face, table and horn please see pictures below, it has had a hard life but rings like a bell, it looks very much like a Peter Wright but I haven't found any makers marks as yet, it either needs the face milling or replacing but as I am a complete novice I would welcome any advice u can give thanks John
  9. Thanks Frosty really useful information thanks john
  10. Thanks John i suppose that would equate to 260 dollars? I'm in the uk so still using pounds, the owner said it is a definite two man lift , 14'' height 28'' length with a 5'' face thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies lads, I'm picking it up on Friday, I paid £200 for it does that sound about right? I haven't got any close up pictures and no idea why it's painted black?? john
  12. Hi i have bought this anvil off eBay and the seller said it isn't cast iron , I know the picture isn't good but from the texture on the anvil can anyone tell me what it's made of? Thanks john
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