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  1. Yea I've hot punched a few holes I will probably just drill the holes with a normal hand drill. Do you happen to know much about these vices? I didn't find any makers marks but read someplace that the Peter Wright post vises had the bell-shaped box nut/threaded receiver. Is that true?
  2. I do not have a drill press it's one of the machines I need to get in the near future. I did start making a new bracket today from some 3/8" plate i had laying around and some u bolts for now till either it deems itself not thick enough or whatever other issue rears it's ugly head. But i really dont see needing any thicker plate than that. I dont as of now do alot of big stock and don't plan on hammering on the vice alot. I have gotten pretty decent at punching holes but have never punched anything bigger than maybe 1/4". I'm also in the process of building a coal forge too. My propane isn't good enough for me and really wanted to try my hand at coal.
  3. Yea I've seen how they attach and mount I think deep down I was hoping someone knew a place that made original "like" replacements. But I have done tons of searching on Google and have yet to find newly made replacements. I found a company out of Montana that makes ones for the vices made by a company named Columbia but they are bolt on style and not the wedge style. And I've also found a post on here about making one that when i searched though IFI I couldn't find but it came up on google.
  4. I found this leg or post vice for sale in my area and it's in my price range the only issue is it's missing the spring and spring/vice mount. The sping itself isnt an issue being they seem pretty easy to make. But as for the mount how should I go about it? To be honest I've never even seen one in person that is until tomorrow when I pick it up. Any help on making a new mount would be greatly appreciated and any personal experience for making the spring would be helpful as well since I've never made one either. I've searched on here and can't find much on making a mount bracket.
  5. Thanks again to everybody who has replied on this thread and to all the questions I asked here. I greatly appreciate all of your help and suggestions. I do believe in this anvil love y'all are talking about because ive already fallen for mine.
  6. Thanks Lou L. It's more or less for piece of mind in that I'm trying to take good care of it so that I can do my part to make sure it lasts for another 100+ years.
  7. I don't mean the face I just basically meant I want to keep the body and feet from getting as rusty as it is now again. I will try the ATF thank you.
  8. I'm going to do a much better job cleaning it tomorrow and will post pictures after a good brushing. I forge outside and what would you guys recommend to use for keeping it looking either just cleaned or I've thought about using stove polish on the body(seen that here someplace). The face im not worried about because it will be used and that will keep the rust off the face.
  9. I posted the one I was talking about being able to read more and more. Some one above has better eyes than my self because they said he can almost read Peter which I can only make out maybe 1 or 2 letters
  10. I first want to thank absolutely everybody for their input and advice on what to do. I'm probably going to leave the groove in the saddle because after what was stated above about being able to use it for the V grooves on tongs that was a great idea and I can probably get other uses out of it as well. And as for the chipping on the face basically the only reason I wanted to fix it was to keep it basically from getting any worse being that I am still fairly new to the craft I'm going to inevitably miss her and I just don't want to make what's there any worse. That's basically why I wanted to fix the chipping on the edge. When I wire wheel that the more I did the more my smile went closer to each ear because the more I did the more letters came out from other words so by the time I got done I had basically answered the question that I asked of the type of anvil. But this being my first post I want to say that everybody that has chimed in two help me have been absolutely amazing guys and I appreciate everything.
  11. That makes alot of sense to me as well. I don't think anyone will ever truly know what it was for. Now one other question I have is what rod to use for repairs? I've searched on the site and found 1 write up that says 7018 1/8" for the base or build up and then mg740 for finishing up on the face or where work will be done due to its rockwell hardness. I can't find even on line a place that sells the mg740 rod. Can someone tell me another good rod to use for finishing where the face needs fixing as shown above?
  12. I'm gonna say it's definatly a Peter Wright. I hit it with a wire wheel today and the word patent is basically clear and you can see part of the w and t in Wright.
  13. C-1ToolSteel thank you for your input. That's exactly what had me thinking it was a PW.
  14. I was also thinking it was a Peter Wright but wanted to ask in here where there's way more knowledgeable people than my self or anyone I know. I had already figured out the weight was 142lbs so you guys are correct for what it's original weight was. As for the groove in the horn shelf it either looks like someone was cutting material with a grinder and cut through or someone was hammering some sort of triangular or angle point down because the side that is deeper on the edge it is pushed out like the top of a chisel or punch. I hope that last explanation of mine made sense. I don't have a ball bearing right now so I can't give a percentage of rebound but it feels to be pretty good. It has a pretty good ring and no sound of having hollow spots to me anyway. At Scrambler82 where do you see the remains of the word "patent" maybe if it's pointed out to me I'll be able to see it. I've never been very good with seeing words, names, or brands on worn out tools. I have also added my location to my profile.
  15. I picked up this anvil today and am curious if someone can tell me who makes it. I'm new to the page and the mobile page has me confused. It says "solid wrought" in a circular pattern and 112. It needs some tlc but I'm very happy with my first anvil purchase. Thank you in advance. Vinny.
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