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  1. I live in the sweaty jungle climate of Louisiana so I'm thinking wire brush and a coat of linseed oil to prevent any further deterioration. You would be surprised what the humidity here can do to steel. I've seen 1/2 plate rot to nothing if exposed to the elements here.
  2. So no grinder wheels or the such got it. I have no plans of running my plasma cutter or welder over them, I have welding table for that. OA and welding gas in general such a pain in the rear, I have an oxygen tank that I've been trying to fill for several weeks now and all the shops give me a run around about it. I guess they want me to rent a cylinder. Oh well, I'm currently using an old school carbon arc torch for my heating and bending needs, it's practically free though not as refined as OA.
  3. I have a post vice and 250 lb ish anvil from the late 1800s that my grandfather passed to my father and my father to me. They are quite rusty having sat in a shed for several decades. I've recently gotten into metal fab and I was thinking about trying to rehabilitate these to use in my hobby. First question, I imagine they hold some value, will I destroy it by removing the rust and cleaning them up? Second question, if I were to do this what would be the best process to go about it.
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