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  1. Does anybody know where you can get kryptek highlander handle scales. I saw them recently on a knife and know I really want some, but I don't even know if you can get them. I saw them on a Buck knife.
  2. Blades I finished recently

    I did not know that. How come that happens?
  3. Blades I finished recently

    I coat my knives with olive oil and on some I have put a vinegar patina. The knives don't rust horrible if you regularly oil them but as soon as you slack off they rust like crazy. Here is the sheath for the first one.
  4. Blades I finished recently

    The first knife is 1080 and the handle is glow in the dark pinecone and wood. The second one is also 1080 with a cherry burl handle. The knives rusts extremely bad.