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  1. Morning. I posted last week about a set of leaf springs I picked up for cheap. There is a massive amount of steel here for me to practice with but I am struggling to get it play ball. It just doesn't move very much under the hammer. I was hoping to use it to make kitchen knives but I just don't see myself being able to thin it out in a sensible amount of time. The leaves are about 10mm thick and very stubborn. I also suspect I am doing a lot wrong though. I am trying to draw the material, striking just off the edge of the anvil at around 45 degrees. I am heating to orange - should this be yellow? I am only using a 2.5lb hammer as I don;t have anything larger. I am reluctant to go out and buy a 4lb hammer if the issue is due to my technique. On the other hand, I would be willing to buy one if it is likely to help. I would have thought proper technique first, hammer second? Any tips would be great
  2. Will I be able to do much with this?

    OK so it arrived yesterday. The 20% is at 90 amps. I have not used it yet but it definitely looks a convenient little piece of kit. According to the dials it will cope with 3.5mm on the 20% end of the duty cycle so for my grinder frame it will work, it will jsut be slow and steady (I am likely to be pretty slow at getting things laid up anyway so that should be OK). Thanks for your help.
  3. Morning - I bought this welder on eBay for cheap. It might be a load of old bobbins but I just wanted something for welding rebar to flat stock for making knives. I was wondering if it would be able to do much else? Welding up a sub frame for a big grinder is one project I have in mind. Fabricating a solid bench with wheels (I store my stuff away from my work area) is another. Both projects would be built from about 3mm thick box section. Will this be much use for that sort of thing?
  4. Normalise leaf spring before forging or not?

    Great stuff - thank you. I am in south west England by the way
  5. Afternoon. I picked up a complete set of L200 leaf springs for a mere £10 today. Should be enough to keep me going while I learn to make kitchen knives. My question is, would you bother to normalise the steel before forging or just get on and bash it?