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  1. Hi i am asking as a potential seller, part of our family group of engineering companies is a well established (50+ years) specialist kiln and furnace manufacturing company and i am looking at expanding our range into the portable lpg type furnace industry, aiming at various markets including farriers and the education sector etc. Hi Nothing at all, from what i gather they are a very good professional type of forge.
  2. I started at google as if you type in gas forges uk, you basically get swan forges and the rest are wholesalers of gas forges (normally swan too), such as Stromsholme etc and then you get the american manufcaturers hence why i put this post out too see if anybody on the coal face knew of any other companies manufacturing them in the uk. There was a blog on here in 2012 which stated no one over here was in the business apart from Swan.
  3. is their a market for uk manufactured gas forges? both hobby type and larger workshop type? i notice that most i can find are manufactured in the usa. I know swan manufacture good products but i can't find any other uk based companies. I will relocate this to the forge section for you.
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