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    Novice smith. Anything from decorative metal to blades is a good time for me.

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  1. Are there any shindigs or get-togethers, or do the local smiths go down further south for hammer-ins?
  2. Hello Mr.B, i live in the north pole fairbanks area and was interested in meeting up with other smiths in the area. I built a small rivet style forge on the cheap and dont have much in tools and none in experience. I was told you operate in the area and would appreciate any info or experience you've acquired. Thank you.

  3. Just started on the forum yesterday and was wondering if there were any experienced or professional smiths in the area. Ive been dabbling but could use some insight and experience from some who knows what their doing.
  4. Just joined the forum after reading the great advice and friendly conversation. I built a small rivet style forge on the cheap and im looking for any groups of professional/ long time smiths in the fairbanks or north pole area who gather for any kind of meetings. I've been dabbling in the craft but would enjoy learning and spending time around folks who know a few things and dont mind showing a novice.
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