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  1. did u get your forge plans out of a book called "back to basics"? if you want a table for the top of your forge try an old push lawnmower with fire clay it should fit over the brake drum and give u room to put extra coal!
  2. I used a brake drum forge when I started forging and it worked great for knives it is not that hard to build and you can get all the parts at the hardware store i used a hair dryer for a blower. //www.anvilfire.com/index.php?bodyName=/21centbs/forges/brkdrum1.htm&titleName=anvilfire.com%20Blacksmithing%20FAQs%20 this link might help you
  3. if u fasten it to a sturdy surface then u can use it but i like bigger anvils! lol
  4. i take it u like BEER! LOL

  5. well i have not cut them into it yet if i ever have time i might try it but i use another anvil and it has both of them! the anvil in my pict. is one that was made for me when i first started blacksmithing!
  6. i have a brakd drum forge to and i tryed the grate in the bottom over the air vent and it never did work for me so i just use a web of thck wire and it works great try that!
  7. thanks for the info! i will try to upload a photo in the next few days and will also try the chain idea!
  8. ok i have found this page to learn about flux and all that i have found on it is people correcting one another! what can i use for flux when forge welding?
  9. i have a railroad track anvil that was made just like a real anvil and looks the same i guess that it is about 40lbs. and it has a bad ring to it when i hit it! does anyone know how to stop the ring or reduce it?