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  1. Thank you, Latticino! The angled interface was actually surprisingly easy to make. I had never done an integral before and I really wanted to make it angled to stand out. I set my file guide to the angle I wanted and filed/ sanded it flush. Did the same for the spacer. For the wood, I started with a square rectangular piece of wood and marked approximately at the correct angle. After that, using a flat platen square to my belt grinder I adjusted the angle until the tang lined up with the wood block. From there it was all about drilling/filing that rectangular hole on the wood. As fo
  2. Updated my profile in general! Thanks for the tip! I'll export the files on a lower pixel count for future posts! Thanks a lot, Horse! It means a lot to me other people appreciate my work. When you make a piece yourself it is hard to be objective... you end up loving it, no matter what! hahahaha
  3. I'm currently based in São Paulo - Brazil. I did when I signed up. I didn't think it would be very useful for me to put my location because I'm really far from most users of the forum... Am I violating any other rules? I'm sorry to ask this, but what does IMO mean? LOL But really, I couldn't find it...
  4. Hey guys! Was finally able to finish another knife and a video of the process! https://youtu.be/SX1Nr2pbgWA Hand forged the blade out of- 52100 1" stock using my gas forge. Tried to forge down as close to the final shape as possible to minimize grinding, but some profiling was needed... Heat treated it using a furnace since this steel doest take overheating very kindly. Used a homemade micarta spacer and hard wood for the handle. Decided to go for an aluminum inlay for the handle pin drilling and used damascus steel for the pin (I bought this, didn't make it). Really
  5. Hi guys! I've finished this knife quite a while back but never got around to edit the videos I took and post the photos here. I chose to go with 440C for a more maintenance friendly knife since I was going to be using it a lot. After using it for over a year, I'm very surprised and satisfied with the steel's performance. Good edge retention, easy to sharpen, does not scracth as easily as 5160, for example and didn't get a patina so far. Here is a video with most of the process I went though: https://youtu.be/ELHezsRhMa8 Let me know what you guys think and how I can imp
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