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  1. Hi. I’ve only been smithing for less than a year but I have built a propane forge and I have plans for the burner I made. You are welcome to it. I live on the border of Oldsmar and Tampa if you are in the area and would like to stop by.
  2. What are your thoughts on this anvil. They say it is over 200lbs and they want 650. They also say there are no markings.
  3. Thanks again for all the help. Great forum here.
  4. Thanks a lot. So would you say $180 was a good price? and what year would you say it is?
  5. Cool, how did you see that? I just weighed it and it is 110lbs
  6. Tried the flour, pencil rub, and took pictures and my daughter is playing with the image. We can make out ...RIGH. By the location, Peter might fit before it, but it would be tight. A smaller ....NT (I think might be "Patent" and the 1 1 0. Any other tips to make out the makers mark?
  7. Good to know... will work on seeing what it say tomorrow. Will post some better pictures.
  8. Good news I think. I got it. Did the ball bearing test with a 1" bearing and it had about 60% bounce back at 10 inches and rings nice... here is the good news. Can't read the full markings yet, but what I can see is __W___GHT and the 110 on the side is 1-1-0 so I think that is 140. a few other letters "IT" AND I GOT IT FOR $180. Girl was selling for her grandma who said her husband bought it 40 years ago and it sat in his shop and never used it.
  9. Thanks a lot for the help and detail instructions! Going to look at it tonight. Sitting in a lady's back yard and she said she can't move it... so wish me luck. thanks again.
  10. Lol... thanks much..... or is it an ASO?
  11. I have a chance to pick up this one for under 200 (i think) anyone know what it is. Have not put hands on it yet just got these pictures sent. They said it was 110 lbs.
  12. Thanks much. Will hold me over till the right one comes along.
  13. There is ok rebound just behind where the main wear is. It looks like there is a plate that is VERY worn down. Thanks a lot for the replies.
  14. Hi Need help identifying who is the maker of this anvil. Just bought it for 100 bucks. It is about 80 lbs. The only mark I can find is the "8" on the back right foot.
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