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  1. If you YouTube, ‘sounds of the anvil,’ to fall asleep to at night. Better than a mothers heartbeat.
  2. Forging different sizes, shapes, some vaguely resembling the real thing, definitely, ThomasPowers, it’s on the list. For my Eagle Scout project many moons back we removed a ton of non-indigenous plant life from a nature center, those pictures of not only what we removed but what not to remove will come in handy. Frosty, thanks, now I have been challenged to not only up my stem/rounding game but also to do raised veins as opposed to the inset ones. Aaaand now I can not sleep before 3rd Shift as I am wide awake with forging ideas. I very much feel like the kid (I’m 34) who needs to learn to
  3. Never made leaves before, the first few were trash but after that I found a good groove and kept it up. Made 10 in total, 3 of which are now keychains. My wife loves hers and was very surprised!
  4. Oooh, these look excellent! Finally got around to mixing the refractory for the lid of the melting furnace and got the anvil level and mounted to the new stand, working on the brackets next. Boy, using this self leveling, polyurethane sealant is messy but Totally worth it! The ring is almost completely gone and the rebound doesn’t seem to be affected in the least. Been bouncing ball bearings off the center face and the rocket back. I don’t think I could get it any more level if I tried ( see attached photo of red level).
  5. This followed me home after a long night shift. The neighbor was reducing some of his fathers things and wanted it to go to somewhere where it would be loved and taken care of. With a handshake, some cash($265), and a forged bottle opener from the shop the deal was struck - the cart, both tanks (nearly full), 20ft long hoses, two torches with tips, cleaning tools, striker with spare flints, goggles, the whole lot of it. Can not wait to test it all out, and help it find its permanent home somewhere here in the shop. My wife is slowly watching her two car garage be consumed by the trappin
  6. Went to get to work this morning and the rather flimsy, stock, wood handle on the butcher block brush finally went. Admittedly, I have been prolonging making something a bit more durable for a while, constantly using slightly larger screws and the like. It’s not pretty, it’s not meant to be, perhaps one day I’ll pretty her up a bit but for right not it functions just fine.
  7. I gave my wife her gift a bit early. I decided not to take pics of the work, I like it being a private piece just for her. I made a pocket sized billet/coin of Mokume-gane and put my touchmark on one side. It’s polished and you can see the laminations quite well - at least on the edges. I had some mild difficulty forming it as it wanted to keep separating/delaminating but, with some heat low and slow I got the job done. She carries it now, I suppose as a type of keepsake or ‘worry stone.’ No matter how you view it, Happy wife, happy life.
  8. Made a few more rr spike openers in the shop the other day. The third one from the left I believe is wrought, never forged that material before, gonna try a different approach, maybe punching and drifting a hole is asking a bit too much of not only the material but my skill level.
  9. For my birthday this year my wife treated me to a set of touchmarks. I am humbled and proud to finally mark my work.
  10. Worked on a project for a friend of mine. When I’m not forging I work in healthcare and a good friend of mine is very sick. A few months back he asked for one of these. I was able to forge this cross for him on the day in between our birthdays.
  11. First and foremost, a better understanding of material science and what is happening on a molecular level as we mold and shape steel and other metals. I have gained a finite understanding that, if I forge well and work hard there is a good chance that some of the things I make will outlast my lifetime, possibly by many generations - In this way we become Immortal. I have gained a better understanding of self and what I think I should be doing with my life. I have gained a better understanding that my father will never, ever, quite get what I am doing and why I want to make a living off of i
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