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  1. Well I loaned this anvil to my Father In-law so I was ever able to get any info off of it. It seems to be working good in his new shop. Coincidentally my Nephew has been on an anvil hunt and he stood there is awe looking at this one. The anvil market has seemed to dry up here in my neck of the woods but I'm still hunting anvils and hope to find my Nephew something in the 125#-200# similar to this one.
  2. Thanks everyone. I decided to purchase the anvil after seeing some of the responses from here. Once the ground dries up I'm going to go pick it up. Stay tuned!
  3. Thank you all for the replies. Steel ball bearing=yes. I did hit the face with ball peen hammer for the rebound test and to me it seemed a little light. The hammering didn't leave a mark on the face that I could tell so if I had to guess, its still hard. I guess if I go back and get it and make a bad call, it would make a great lawn ornament.....
  4. Tool Steel.....thank you for the reply. It was in close quarters so my best guess at the rebound with the ball was around 50%. I couldn't see a casting line but like I mentioned, it was in close quarters. I have a Haybudden that rings and rebounds like a champ but I'm not sure it would be a fair comparison. I'm just a little green I guess. I think I could still have it if I want it.
  5. Hello....I'm new to this forum. Need help identifying the anvil in the attached picture. I went to look at it today but the no so great bounce with a 5/8" ball and ring turned me off. 200# anvil with no maker mark I could see. Face wasnt bad....edges were ok. I'm in NYS. He was at $225.....I was at $200......Thank you for any and all input. I'm wondering if I left a good one behind?
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