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  1. Should have the first 3lb prototype before Christmas hopefully.
  2. No trouble at all. I wasn't trying to sound rude! Thanks everyone for the advice and ideas.
  3. Not trying to argue, but I am actually gonna enter this into a competition for michigan that can get me scholarships depending on how I place. Its called Mites Competition.
  4. I did a bit of interrogation out of my Instructor, and he honestly doesnt know how big we can cast it. We are going to start small, like 5lb and slower work our way up until we simply cannot get the capacity out of our schools foundry. anybody know where to get coal or coke in/near Kalamazoo Michigan?
  5. I read somewhere that a large bonfire would put out enough heat to possibly harden the anvil. However, would that harden the whole anvil? And if it did harden the whole thing would it be detrimental to the strength of the anvil? Also I reshaped the heel of the anvil so its not as long and thin, as suggested by some people. I will post an updated picture soon!
  6. What if I used a torch for heat treatment
  7. Yeah and the best part is that its a free class in my high school. Not to brag or anything but my school has the largest shop in a Michigan school.
  8. I see what you mean Thomas. im thinking that it will not be much of a problem, considering that other students are currently making gun cabinets and a recurve bow. My project seems to be simple compared to the laminations that we have had to do on the recurve bow.
  9. No, I have not. according to my teacher we have the tools necessary to mold and cast it ourselves... I wonder if he knows knows how big this project really is..
  10. I asked my EFE teacher, and he agreed to let me mill this out. possibly in wood and then cast it.
  11. I downloaded an anvil and used it as my inspiration Anvil.pdf
  12. I can weld but not very well. I am worried that they will not hold with the vibrations.
  13. I more or less have a Japanese anvil lol. I have a 16inch piece of railroad rail.
  14. Thanks for the idea! however I cannot weld very well. also I dont know where the closest scrapyard is lol.
  15. I figured as much. I was thinking that I might be able to create a mold and send it to somewhere with the ability to cast it out.of iron.or steel
  16. Well on Autocad inventor I designed a decent looking London pattern anvil, and it will weigh roughly 367 pounds. my School has 9 CNCs open at any given time so im not worried about that. Mostly im worried about the steel billet price and heat treatment. if anyone has any ideas on where I can do or get those I am open to suggestions!
  17. So I am new here, so sorry if this has already been asked. but is it possible to cnc an anvil? not just the top to make it flat but to take a block of steel and cnc an anvil out of it.
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