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  1. I'm only saying that mocking me for lack of knowledge is counter productive to offering advice. I came forward purely with questions and objective facts. I've made no assumptions about the science of making a forge or weapon, other than that fellow smiths would take a genuine interest in helping teach the trade. I Am in fact interested in your experience and success making forges. That is, respectfully, exactly what I was looking for. My discussion has been open minded and objective, and I expect the same response from any adult on this forum. I apologize if I have offended anyone offering advice. It was not my intent.
  2. Well since it is the first attempt at a larger forge, we have not created larger projects. Our small forge of similar design works quite well, even with the direction of the flame. I am also not an expert, as I spend more of my time actually working in the shop and collaborating with others for experiance, rather than living on the forum making conjectures over the work of others. Insulting those you want help from, usually backfires
  3. Thank you for your advice. To go into more detail, we have a (I believe) 1/4" or slightly thicker steel frame, insulated both under and over the firebrick with refractory cement. As an Update: We switched out all the pipes to slightly smaller diameters and redesigned the nozzles so that they could be adjusted. Seems to be working now using only two burners. So now we are going to see about setting up for a second tank to provide adequate pressure. To answer your question, yes we are working on swords, longer axe heads, and other similar weapons. The nozzles are around 6 inches apart. If you think this will be an issue for even heating, what is your suggestion? Again, we will have doors on both sides that can be closed and opened.
  4. It is actully fully insulated with refractory cement, kaowool, and firebricks. We slide firebricks across the front, the slides just havent been welded on.
  5. I dont have a guage at the time, but everything is new, there should be no restriction. What is the general opinion of the design of the forge?
  6. We can get a second tank if neccesary, but until we get even one burner figured out, we were just using one. Below is a photo of the same regulator we are using on our miniforge.
  7. Hello everyone, We are building a large propane forge (Yes it must be this big, for our projects), and have a 4 pipe setup. Tested individually we orginally had successful burners individually BEFORE we attached them to the forge. After assembling, none of the spouts give more than a thick soft flame, no jets. Even individually they behave the same, thus according to what we can observe. I'm going to upload some pics and I'm hoping somebody with experience can notice something obvious.
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