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  1. I've got a few questions that I need answered. I've tried asking at other places, and people just freak out when they see 'galvanized' and proceed to lecture me. I know it's dangerous stuff, definitely not something to trifle with. But, here lies my issue. I just put up a wood fence around my yard, and so now I've got a load of old chainlink piled up. I have read that chainlink is typically made of aluminum or galvanized steel, and that galvanizing can and will wear off, given enough time. Now I know the stuff I have has to be ferrous, because it's all a da
  2. Okay so I only brought a 6er, you're gonna have to share. I'm absolutely new to forging, my only previous experience comes from my teen years, when I threw together some bricks we had around the yard and made a very shoddy forge. All I ever did was heat up steel and try shaping it a bit, nothing serious, more of a short phase. Now I have I real yearning to learn this craft and all that comes with it. Really just came here to gather knowledge, and to ask questions
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